Guardianship and Elder Law

Olmsted & Wilson, P.A. also offers services related to Elder Law. We strive to provide individuals and their family members with peace of mind as they enter their later years here in Charlotte County. Specifically, Olmsted & Wilson, P.A. offers guidance in the areas of:


In the event a family member or loved one becomes unable to make personal and/or financial decisions, and has not executed the necessary documents to have his or her personal and financial affairs attended to, the attorneys at Olmsted & Wilson, P.A. can commence a Guardianship proceeding to have a family member, friend, or independent professional appointed as Guardian to act in the best interests of the person. Carrie M. Leontitsis is also able to serve as the court-appointed attorney for the alleged incapacitated person, vigorously representing their legal interests.

Medicaid Planning

One of the most confusing areas of law for elderly clients and their families is Medicaid Planning. Often when an individual is sick, there is not enough money to pay for the medical care and residential setting that they need. The state of Florida offers benefits to those who meet the criteria, but qualifying can be difficult. There are tools available to help shelter some assets while still providing for your care. We can help you plan for the future to make sure you will qualify when the time comes.